Small Business

Flower-Shop-min-e1469344840853We hear it every day – small business is big business. Small business is the economic engine of the economy, nationally and here in Montgomery County. Not only are most companies in the County small, but big business in Montgomery County actively partners with and support the local small business community.

Did you know that there is a substantial economic benefit to using local small businesses? Spending $100 at a local small business returns $45 to the local economy as compared to $15 returned by a national chain.

Did you know that 96% of the companies in Montgomery County have 50 or fewer employees and that two-thirds have less than 5 employees?

WorkSource Montgomery is committed to helping small businesses grow and thrive. This is accomplished by establishing a centralized source of supports and resources to promote ongoing growth to Montgomery County’s small business owners, contributing to sustainability of Montgomery County’s economy. Growth equates to finding the right talent to meet your organizational needs.


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