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Summer R.I.S.E. (Real Interesting Summer Experience) is a locally funded initiative led by WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. (WSM), Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and supported by county and state partners, local businesses and nonprofits. Summer R.I.S.E. hosts offer Montgomery County high school juniors and seniors a three-week (July 9 th -27 th in 2018) hands-on, real world career experience at their workplaces. Students prepare by completing mandatory workshops that cover financial literacy and expectations for workplace behavior, attitudes, communication, and customer/colleague interaction prior to the summer and partners expand access by providing no cost bus passes, checking accounts, and workplace attire, as needed.

WSM manages the program, provides a $300 stipend to students and helps host organizations create career-focused learning experiences aligned to their mission by providing a pre-summer host workshop that presents a career experience framework and guidance that hosts can adapt to their sites. This guidance helps hosts develop a plan to introduce students to their specific industry/sector and also highlights transferable skills and universal expectations such as:

  • Typical business models and workplace environments
  • Expectations for employee attitudes, reliability, punctuality, collaboration skills, communication,and behavior in a professional environment
  • Appropriate customer service in the context of the workplace
  • Common technology found in today’s workplaces.

Summer R.I.S.E. connects students to careers by showing them what “career-readiness” means. We encourage host supervisors to establish positive relationships and provide constructive feedback that bolsters students’ self-confidence, empowers them to take initiative, and gives them experiences that help them identify satisfying career pathways and postsecondary educational options available near their Montgomery County homes and schools. This experience can serve as an on-ramp to career preparation
and can motivate students to establish career goals, explore options, and hone the skills necessary for success in the workforce. Host organizations benefit by seeing what local talent can offer and hearing student voices while they are at host offices and job sites.

Learn more about the inaugural year of Summer R.I.S.E. in our 2017 Summer R.I.S.E. ROI Report.

WorkSource Montgomery is the “Go-To” place linking local and regional economic development and workforce efforts by developing a deep understanding of target and emerging industry demands, creating sustainable workforce solutions that are tailored to the region, increasing the ability for individuals to compete for higher-quality jobs and the employers to compete within the marketplace. In an effort to ensure we are adequately preparing the next generation for professional success, WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. designed the Summer R.I.S.E. program to extend its services to MCPS high school students in an innovative way!

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