Committee Structure

WorkSource Montgomery welcomes community involvement. Please let us know if you are interested in serving on one of our committees or advisory groups.


Duties /Responsibilities: Acts on behalf of the full board between meetings when such action is necessary. The Executive Committee is responsible for financial matters and board development (membership recruitment). The Executive Committee consists of the Chairs, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairs of all standing Committees.


Duties/Responsibilities: Lead on the development, implementation and oversight of programs, policies, and services. Emphasis is on strategies first proposed in the WIB’s strategic plan that focus services to businesses. Examines existing programs and services and makes recommendations for changes.


Duties/Responsibilities: Provides program oversight, review of participant and fiscal data, and the monitoring (internal and external) and audit reports. The committee evaluates program goals, performance measures, the extent to which the Centers and programs meet quality standards, and the implementation of new program components. It also reviews policies governing programs and services to be adopted by the WDB. Only WDB members representing businesses serve on this committee.


Duties/Responsibilities: Develops and coordinates policies and guidance for youth employment and job-training initiatives in the community. This committee provides information and to assist with planning, operational, and other issues relating to the provision of services to youth. The committee members may include community-based organizations with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth.


Duties/Responsibilities: Develops and coordinates oversight of financial activity. This includes approving budget, financial reports and exploring financial policies as needed. The committee members are the treasurer from both boards and those board members with financial expertise.


Creates and oversees a process of building effective boards and educating board members about their governance role. The committee ensures effective board processes, structures and roles, including retreat planning, committee development, and board evaluation. The Committee keeps a list of potential board members, plans new member orientation, and training. Identifies needed board member skills, recommends potential members, and orients new members.

1. Identify and recruit new board members.
2. Plan board development training.
3 Inform board members of conflict of interest and ethics policy and oversees the implementation of such policies.
4. Maintain and update the organization’s by-laws as required.
5. Develop and carryout the board nomination process.
6. Nominate new board members to the board on a specified cycle.
7. Review and oversee the formal complaint process for staff and ensure procedures to prevent retaliation.


Works with the communications firm to create and oversee the marketing and branding strategy and strategic communications plan. The purpose of this committee is to provide and maintain internal and external communications, including newsletters, social media, and public relations. Works with the marketing firm/consultants to:

1. Open doors by connecting staff/consultants with reporters, graphic designers, and other communications professionals in the committee member’s network.
2. Be a sounding board for staff/consultants who do the work and make the decisions, by offering feedback and suggestions.
3. Do research on target audiences, for example, to focus and improve marketing strategies.
4. Gather intelligence on what competing organizations or “frenemies” are doing to help staff stay abreast of important trends or developments.
5. Friend raise by speaking publicly and privately with others about the organization’s good work
6. Identifies projects, approaches and activities that will enhance and increase effectiveness of communications strategies.
7. Ensures the WDB/WSM is known positively through media contacts.
8. Develops and maintains a network of interested organizations and human resource professionals that will publicize the WDB/WSM and its opportunities (via word of mouth, formal and informal publications, electronic and other informational bulletin boards, etc.)
9. Seeks out contacts and brainstorms different ways to publicize WorkSource Montgomery.


Duties/Responsibilities: Using the adopted Policy Framework, makes decisions on how to provide information and be an advocate on workforce development issues at the local, state, and national level. Meets as needed and WDB members serve on this task force in addition to a primary committee.


Duties/Responsibilities: Provides information and assists with operational and other issues relating to the one-stop delivery system. This committee will also assist with operational and other issues relating to the provision of services to individuals with disabilities and other segments of the population. The committee may include representatives of the one-stop partners.

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