American Job Centers Code of Conduct

The Center Resource Area computers are tools that provide an integral service to the public for job search use. The computers are a direct link to a customer’s ability to get reconnected to employment quicker. Good working practice is to protect the computers from any act that will harm the computers in any manner.

  • Customers may not bring food or drinks near the computers. Staff working in the Center Resource Area within sight of a customer will not have food or drinks near the computers as well.
  • Customers may not hit, bang or move the computers as this may cause damage to the unit.
  • Customers may not unplug or detach any physical wires from the computers to the wall and vice versa.
  • Customers should ask for assistance if the computers are not working.
  • Customers may not download/upload any foreign programs to the computers, as well as alter settings to the computers set by the staff.
  • Customers may only use the computers for job search purposes only. All other activity is not allowed and staff will ask the customer to please desist from that activity.

Due to the nature of customer flow within the centers and the desire to provide equitable customer service to all that visit the one-stop, customers are assigned a personal identification number (PIN) to use each time they visit. This PIN will be entered into the Center Resource Area computer so the customer will be assigned a computer within the Resource Area. Once a customer receives their computer assignment, they have 90 minutes to conduct their business. If no one is waiting for a computer, the customer’s time will be automatically extended by 15 minutes. Once the full time is completed, the customer will be automatically logged off. Prior to log off time, the customer will receive several pop-up messages announcing their time left on the computer.

If customers do not adhere to the above practices, staff has the right to ask the customer to leave the center and future use of the computers may be banned.

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