Our Statement on Racial Equity and Social Justice

Protests and demonstrations throughout the United States and the world are calling attention to systemic racism leading to the unequal application of law enforcement focus, tactics, and techniques against Black Americans. Far too many Black lives have been unnecessarily shortened.

 Systemic racism is considered by many, including the Montgomery County Council, to be a public health crisis. As a nation, we must finally address all of the criminal justice, economic and societal disparities that our racial and ethnic minority populations have endured. Montgomery County took an important initial step toward this responsibility on December 2, 2019, when County Executive Marc Elrich signed into law the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act. Among other things, this Act requires the use of explicit racial equity and social justice considerations in establishing new programs and evaluating existing programs. Click here to watch complete coverage of the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act signing ceremony.

 “This legislation acknowledges to the African American community the damage that has been done by racism in this society, racism for hundreds of years, and it acknowledges that we have an obligation to deal with it.” – County Executive Marc Elrich

“We needed to come together and put forth legislation that would be an instrument to begin to dismantle all of the persistent disparities faced by the people of color in Montgomery County.” – Councilmember Nancy Navarro

“When we signed this Bill, this shows that Montgomery County is the place that all of us should want to live.” – Council President Sidney Katz

The principles underlying the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act are conscious and central components of the important work that lies ahead as our County begins the economic recovery process.  Racial equity, inclusion, innovation, and sustainability are the filters through which Montgomery County will emerge from these difficult times of economic devastation and social unrest. WorkSource Montgomery is a key participant in this recovery. We will lead county-wide discussions on issues related to employment opportunities in a post-COVID-19 environment as part of the County Executive’s Economic Revitalization Workgroups.

WorkSource Montgomery stands with Councilmember Nancy Navarro, Council President Sidney Katz, and County Executive Marc Elrich in their support for Racial Equity and Social Justice.

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