Comunibuild Foundation, Inc.

Comunibuild Foundation, Inc.

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2410 Spencerville Rd, Spencerville, MD 20868
(844) 395-4636

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Offers Wraparound Service
Service Delivery
Do Programs Charge a Fee?
Pricing If Applicable
Costs are subject to the services and coursework selected. Our programs are supporrted by affiliate partners and grants that allow us to faciliate the work we do to support the community.
Area Served
Montgomery County, Prince George County, Washington DC, Southern Maryland
Number Served
90 is current capacity
Skills Emphasized
Social Emotional Wellness, Agriculture (Food Security), Education, Real Estate, Entrpreneurship, Workforce Development


INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT PROVIDING ONLINE TRAINING (I.S.P.O.T.) is a program that focuses on providing in-person and virtual support for students in Middle School. We are also open to 5th graders as they transition to Middle School. We have also launched a K-2 I.S.P.O.T. to support early childhood education and welcome those young minds to be enriched through our unique offerings. I.S.P.O.T. recognizes the importance of bridging the academic and social & emotional gap that continues to widen for all students, and in particular those students who have experienced learning loss as a result of Covid-19. The program provides a safe, interactive environment that supports students academic and social-emotional wellness at home, in school, and in their communities.
Target Population: K-12 students and their families
Intake/Eligibility: Anyone can refer, or self refer by registering online at our website
CHANGING LIVES INSTANTLY MOVING BARRIERS (C.L.I.M.B.): Creating healthy and safe environment. Connecting students with resources to engage young adults and teens with opportunities to learn skill sets and take required prep classes that will position them to be successful in there desired career pathway.
Target Population: Ages 16-24
Intake/Eligibility: Anyone can refer, or self refer by registering online at our website
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