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Primary Care
We offer primary care at six (6) locations. As your Primary Care Home, we will identify and address your physical & behavioral health needs. Our team-based patient-centered approach to care for adults and children, includes routine visits, common laboratory tests, acute and chronic care, routine immunizations, diabetes education, nutrition counseling and referral to specialists.
Target Population : All
Intake/Eligibility : Appointments made by calling: (866) 877-7258
Behavioral Health
CCI offers behavioral health services for patients ages 6 and up and services for couples and families in English and Spanish. Services are available using interpreters for other languages. We see patients: • In-person at our Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Takoma Park, and Greenway health center sites. • One day a week for prenatal patients at our Greenbelt health center. • Virtually • Our behavioral health staff are highly trained, licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors. Staff is CBT (Cognitive, Behavior Therapy) trained among other specialized training. A licensed psychiatrist is available for older teens and adult patients who need medication assessments to manage their symptoms. We can also help find the proper care if you have more severe needs until you have the resources you need.
Target Population : Dental
Intake/Eligibility : Appointments made by calling: (866) 877-7258
CCI offers dental services for patients of all ages at three locations: • Gaithersburg • Greenbelt • Silver Spring We provide dental care, education, and tools to empower you to maintain your smile between visits. Expect to learn more about continuing good oral health and proper brushing and flossing from one of our dental providers. Leave with a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste to take home after each visit.
Target Population : Family Planning
Intake/Eligibility : Appointments made by calling: (866) 877-7258
Family Planning
At CCI, we believe Family Planning is for the whole family. Decisions about having children, when to have them, and family size impact every family member. That’s why CCI offers a wide range of services. Whether you’re starting a family or would rather wait, family planning services are a great place to start. These services can help individuals and their partners make informed choices about pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, and achieve their desired number and spacing of children.
Target Population : Men and Women of reproductive age.
Intake/Eligibility : Appointments made by calling: (866) 877-7258
HIV/AIDS Infectious Disease Care
Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens or microorganisms that enter the body, grow and multiply. These diseases impact millions with a range of mild to severe symptoms depending on the causes of the illness. CCI Health Services’ expert infectious disease team provides patients with the care they need to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage infectious disease. While there is no cure for HIV, with proper care and treatment, people living with HIV can stay healthy for a long time, delay the onset of AIDS and prevent HIV transmission. CCI Health Services’ HIV and Infectious Disease Program (ID Program) provides comprehensive care for the whole person. Our services include education, behavioral health, disclosure support, nutrition, and ongoing care for different infectious diseases.
Target Population : All patients.
Intake/Eligibility : Appointments made by calling: (866) 877-7258
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