Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County


Landlord Tenant Mediation
Conflict resolution process for disputes between landlords and tenants. Mediation is a conversation between the landlord and the tenant that is facilitated by a mediator. Topics discussed in mediation may include: the amount of rent that is due and how and when it might be paid; communication between the landlord and the tenant; a move out date and conditions of moving out; modifying, extending or terminating the lease; and/or, other topics important to the landlord and to the tenant.
Target Population : Residents facing eviction or having conflict with landlords
Intake/Eligibility : Self- referral by calling 301-652-0717 or emailing:
Parenting Plan Mediation
CRCMC offers parents involved in separation, divorce, and child custody cases an opportunity to discuss and resolve issues involving their children, such as residential care, decision making, and access. It is one of the core programs of CRCMC, and is aimed at resolving issues as early as possible, often without the need for trial.
Target Population : Montgomery County Residents in need of a custody agreement
Intake/Eligibility : Self- referral by calling 301-652-0717 or emailing
Community Mediation
The Center helps Montgomery County residents manage conflict in a constructive way, by offering collaborative problem solving services such as mediation, facilitation, community conference, and training. CRCMC services are voluntary, confidential, and neutral. Conflict is addressed in many settings including the workplace, family, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and organizations.
Target Population : All county residents
Intake/Eligibility : Self- referral by calling 301-652-0717 or emailing:
Police Complaint Mediation
The Police Complaint Mediation Program is an alternative to the formal complaint process and is offered by CRCMC. It is a way to help resolve conflict and build a better understanding between residents and Police Officers. By agreeing to have CRCMC provide mediation services around your complaint, you have the opportunity to speak with the Officer and discuss how the incident made you feel in a safe and confidential space. It is a free service.
Target Population : Residents who have a police complaint
Intake/Eligibility : MCPD referral
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