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MTS Leadership Development Series
The MTS Leadership Development Series are select eCourses and webinars for professional staff, supervisors, and managers for improving leadership, emotional intelligence, and communications competencies.
Target Population : Professional staff, supervisors, and managers
Intake/Eligibility :
Strategic Planning Sessions
Our strategic planning sessions are half-day or full-day sessions with management and/or executive teams, designed to allow them to develop their goals, action items, milestones, projects, and accountability check-points to meet their organization's mission.
Target Population : Leadership and executive teams
Intake/Eligibility :
Idea MindTeams® for High-Performing Teams
Idea MindTeams® are facilitated small-group sessions held monthly over a period of 6-12 months, designed to make training or coaching "stick" through peer support and real-life application of the skills and knowledge learned in training programs and coaching sessions. Groups can also serve as ideation and business development opportunities. We train individuals on leadership tracts within organizations to be facilitators and practice the leadership skills they learn in leadership programs.
Target Population : Professional staff, supervisors, managers, leadership and/or executive teams
Intake/Eligibility :
Assessments: Behavioral, Team, Personality, Strengths, and/or Company Culture Surveys, Reports, and Coaching
MindTeam Solutions, Inc. has a team of assessment facilitators certified in Myers-Briggs (MBTI), DiSC, StrengthsFinder2.0, Company Climate Inventory, and Predictive Index (PI) surveys to provide organizations with objective data about their people's attitudes, collaboration skills, teamwork, leadership capabilities, strengths, and their influence on their organization's culture.
Target Population : Administrative and professional staff, supervisors, managers, leadership and/or executive teams -> an entire organization or select teams within an organization.
Intake/Eligibility :

Referral Process:

  • Networking to establish and build relationships
  • Direct contact through telephone or email
  • Professional speaking opportunities to share expertise and connect with specific audiences
  • Book sales (MindTeam Solutions’ co-Founders are authors of the book “Internal Masterminds”)
  • Connections through social media
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