Industry Sectors

Worksource montgomeryWorkSource Montgomery is partnering with employers and other stakeholders to address current and future labor challenges in key industries.

Montgomery County is an economically diverse county. Not only is the county home to government, research, think tanks, and non-profit organizations; it is also in a region considered a top international tourism destination fueling a robust hospitality economy. Each major industry sector in the region has unique characteristics and opportunities.

WorkSource Montgomery identifies key industries by analyzing growth patterns, local industry concentrations, and projected labor needs in family-sustaining occupations, and then facilitates Industry Alliances within these sectors. WorkSource Montgomery pulls together employers, training providers, and key community and industry stakeholders to develop industry-led solutions to meet the unique needs of Montgomery County’s high-growth industries.

Solutions may include training customized training for entry-level workers, career pathways for incumbent workers, industry-specific recruitment strategies, professional development, industry awareness campaigns, or other customized solutions.

Industry Alliances are currently formed in:

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