Veteran Services

More than 43,000 Montgomery County residents are veterans of the Armed Forces. We are grateful for your service and value the experience you gained in the military. We want to ensure that you receive all the employment and training support you deserve.

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American Job Centers support veterans through knowledgeable staff who know the value and challenges of military experience in the civilian workforce. Dedicated staff are available to help you articulate your military skills, connect with veteran-friendly employers, and access benefits specifically available to support veterans.

Priority of Service

WorkSource Montgomery provides “Priority of Service” to veterans and their eligible spouses in accordance with the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002 and the Veterans’ Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006.

Priority to veterans in given in the following services:

  • Access to workshops at WorkSource Montgomery locations
  • Prompt intensive career counseling services
  • Access to financial training supports
  • Specific program enrollment

To receive Veterans Priority of Service for a specific program, a Veteran or eligible spouse must meet the statutory definition of a “covered person” and also must meet any other statutory eligibility requirement applicable to the program. Make sure to let American Job Center staff know that you are veteran to ensure priority of service.

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