Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland

Welcome Back Center of Suburban Maryland

Contact Info

8630 Fenton Street, 10th floor. Silver Spring, MD

Other Information

Business Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. | Saturday and Sunday Closed
Offers Wraparound Service
Service Delivery
Hybrid (In-person & Virtual)
Do Programs Charge a Fee?
Pricing If Applicable
Area Served
State of Maryland
Number Served
On average 100 participants
Skills Emphasized
Cultural appropriateness and soft skills in the health workplace, English as a Second Language, Computer & Digital Literacy
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Welcome Back Center
The Welcome Back Center is a job-driven program. The Center builds on the personal and professional assets and skills of internationally educated health professionals living or working in Maryland to facilitate the health professions licensure and/or certification process to reenter the health workforce in Maryland. It works in close collaboration with academic partners, health industry employers, private sector as well as with local and State governments.
Target Population: Internationally educated health professionals
Intake/Eligibility: Walk-ins, referrals from social services agencies, partner organizations, employers, and members of the community
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