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2019-09 Incumbent Worker Training Policy
On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policy
Supportive Services Policy

2018-07 WIOA Youth Eligibility Requirements
2018-07 Youth Eligibility Policy Attachment-A Required Youth Documentation
2018-07 Youth Eligibility Policy Attachment-B Eligibility and Data Verification Sources

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Policy

2016-01: Record Retention
2016-02: Hiring Policy
2016-03: Procurement for Vendors
2016-04: Conflict of Interest2016-04: Conflict of Interest — Attachment A: Annual Conflict of Interest Statement
2016-05 Confidentiality and Protecting Personal Information2016-05 Client Confidentiality Policy Attachment-A: Staff Confidentiality Agreement
2016-05 Client Confidentiality Policy Attachment-B: Participant Confidentiality Agreement
2016-06 WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility2016-06 Adult Eligibility Attachment-A: WIOA Documentation
2016-06 Adult Eligibility Attachment-B: WIOA Eligibility Sources
2016-06 Adult Eligibility Attachment-C: Eligibility Checklist
2016-07 WIOA Youth Eligibility Requirements2016-07 Youth Eligibility Policy Attachment-A: Required Youth Documentation
2016-07 Youth Eligibility Policy Attachment-B: Eligibility and Data Verification Sources
2016-07 Youth Eligibility Policy Attachment-C: Eligibility Checklist

2014-01: One-Stop Operations

2013-01: Youth Program Guidance for Program Year (PY) 2013

2012-01: Initial Customer Complaint Policy
2012-02: Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity (Grievance Policy)
2012-03: Confidentiality and Security of Participant Information Policy
2012-04: To ensure consistent handling of general media requests and a consistent message about the center and WIB programs.
2012-05: Inclement Weather And Business Continuity
2012-06: Customer Incident Reporting
2012-07: Support Services Policy
2012-08: Individual Training Account (ITA)
2012-09: Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL)
2012-10: Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Self Sufficiency Income Levels For 2012
2012-11: WIA Youth 5% Income Exception Policy
2012-13: On the Job Training Policy (OJT)
2012-14: Use of Approved Training Providers and Process for Approval
2012-15: Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses
2012-16: Priority of Service for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program Participants
2012-17: WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility and Eligibility Documentation
2012-18: Conflict of Interest Policy for WIB Members, Staff and Vendors
2012-19: Selective Service Registration Requirements for WIA
2012-20: Reasonable Accommodations Policy
2012-24: Program Income and Fee for Service
2012-25: Business Services
2012-26: Revised Federal Poverty Guidelines and Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) Income Level (LLSIL)

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