Classroom 2 Community

Classroom 2 Community

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21 Maryland Ave #320, Rockville, MD
(240) 715-2198

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Offers Wraparound Service
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Montgomery and Prince George's Counties; office located in Rockville, MD
Number Served
4000+ in FY23
Skills Emphasized
Academic and vocational


C2C offers a classroom program for adults who want to learn English as a second language (ESL). We have classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners.
Target Population: Immigrants
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
GED Prep / College Prep
For those learners who have a firm handle on basic literacy (approximately at least a 5th grade reading level), but are not quite ready to study at a high school level for their GED, we are offering FREE pre-GED instruction through a blend of virtual classroom and virtual tutoring.
Target Population: Disconnected youth (18+) and any adult who lacks a college degree or is unable to take college classes due to a lack of academic skill
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
Digital Literacy (Basic to Advanced IT Certifications)
Currently, we offer basic Digital Literacy classes, as well as workplace recognized Microsoft and Google Suite training, and regular, topic-specific, live trainings for real life applications. We also offer IT Fundamentals training, which is the first certification for CompTIA. In 2024, we will offer Agile Project Management training.
Target Population: Adults who are either GED or ESL learners
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
Entrepreneurship Academy
Enter our entrepreneur training program to explore key aspects of running a business. Volunteer mentors will support your efforts to apply the lessons learned in the course to your own business plans. Finish the course with a business plan, a pitch presentation, and leads on loans for your business!
Target Population: Immigrants and women of color.
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
Citizenship Classes and Services
Join our program to learn more English and US Civics, practice for the Naturalization exam, and get help on your Citizenship application with a local partner. Classes are offered both in-person and online in Zoom. Free materials are included. Start now, achieve your dream!
Target Population: Legal permanent residents or other approved statuses (eligibility check as part of enrollment process) looking to become US Citizens
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
Small Online Groups (SOGs)
These month-long classes help learners who need very specific programming before they enter into all of our other programs. Classes are offered when we have enough learners with the same need.
Target Population: Adult learners who need English, GED, or other adult education and training needs.
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
Workforce Readiness
We have two programs under the banner of Workforce Development. Our C2C@Work program is for companies that have employees who are high-potential but locked out of promotions because of a lack of basic academic and/or vocational skills. If you own a company and would like to have a class at your workplace for FREE, please contact If you are a student who is looking for a job or a better job, our Ramp to a Better Workplace program offers everything from workshops to getting paired up with a mentor who will help get job-ready.
Target Population: Employees who are high-potential but lack of basic academic and/or vocational skills
Intake/Eligibility: Companies should contact; learners should complete online application followed by orientations
Community Coaching
Community Coaching is an 8 week program in which our advanced ESL and GED/College Prep students are paired with a volunteer community coach, an experienced professional, who can assist with a specific academic or professional goal. Students work with the community coach throughout the program on incremental steps each week to reach their goals, whether that’s finding a job or applying to a continuing education program. The role of the coach ranges from guiding students through drafting a resume to helping connect them to scholarship search engines to navigating the FAFSA.
Target Population: Advanced ESL and GED/College Prep students
Intake/Eligibility: Online application followed by orientations
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