Randolph Hills Adult Day Care

Randolph Hills Adult Day Care

Contact Info

Randolph Hills Adult Day Care 4011 Randolph Road Wheaton, MD 20902
(240) 514-3593


Other Information

Offers Wraparound Service
Information not available
Do Programs Charge a Fee?
Pricing If Applicable
$73.00 per day
Area Served
Montgomery County
Number Served
Information not available
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Adult Medical Day Care
We provide a structured day in a safe and trusting environment that allows older adults the opportunity to establish new roles and relationships. Our diverse activities include outings, crafts, physical activities, discussion groups, and music. We also provide nursing, social work, and transportation services. Fee includes three meals per day and other activities that are happening that day.
Target Population: Adults
Intake/Eligibility: A required assessment is completed by the primary physician and Randolph Hills staff.
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