Everyday Canvassing

Everyday Canvassing

Contact Info

10023 Dallas Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20901
(240) 264-7102

Other Information

Business Hours
Variable. All staff and volunteers work remotely, and hours are flexible based on community needs.
Offers Wraparound Service
Service Delivery
Do Programs Charge a Fee?
Pricing If Applicable
Area Served
Montgomery County
Number Served
Directly, about 1,000. Indirectly, many thousands because we flyer, have one-off conversations, and refer to other organizations.
Skills Emphasized
Communication, note taking, relationship-building.
Additional Locations


Community Connecting
Both our programs start with doorknocking, flyering, or street canvassing. We build consistently build new relationships with clients and from there we do our Community Connecting. Community Connecting is where we introduce community members to services, resources (nonprofit, mutual aid, government, etc.), and civic engagement/activist organizations they are interested in. We always start our relationships with open-ended questions about what they appreciate or want to change in Montgomery County. Sometimes this question is more specific to a city or smaller geographic area in Montgomery County (ex. East County). Our conversations both serve as source of information for the public to learn from its community members, and a way to organically introduce residents to things they are interested in.
Target Population: All of Montgomery County, primarily renters, BIPOC community members, immigrants and/or historically marginalized community members.
Intake/Eligibility: Call our phone number: (240) 668-4599
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