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Holy Cross Resource Center 9805 Dameron Drive Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 754-7000

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Virtual and in-person
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Yes, insurance accepted for some programs
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Montgomery County
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Additional Locations
Holy Cross Hospital 1500 Forest Glen Road Silver Spring, MD 20910; Holy Cross Health Center - Aspen Hill 13975 Connecticut Ave Aspen Hill, MD 20906; Holy Cross Health Center in Germantown 12800 Middlebrook Road, Suite 206 Germantown, MD 20874; Holy Cross


Nutrition Counseling Center (Outpatient)
The Holy Cross Hospital Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Center helps clients make healthy choices for an improved lifestyle. At the center, the registered dietitian — who is accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics— offers sound medical nutrition therapy to address patients' personal goals as they relate to all stages of life and various medical conditions. Our dietitian will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your particular needs. Many of our clients are adults with prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or gestational diabetes who want to learn diabetes management skills to improve blood glucose levels. Some clients have weight management goals, desiring to gain or lose weight. Other clients want advice on fat-controlled, low-cholesterol meal plans to reduce their risk of heart disease. Medical nutrition therapies are also available for cancer, kidney disease as well as stomach and intestinal disorders. People seek nutritional counseling for a variety of reasons, yet each patient has the same goal: to learn to make healthy food choices that will help enrich their lives and promote self-esteem
Target Population: Ages 18 and up
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
Holy Cross Health Centers
The Holy Cross Health Centers in Aspen Hill, Gaithersburg, Germantown and Silver Spring are primary care medical centers providing affordably priced health care services to children and adults who face financial barriers to accessing care. The Holy Cross Health Centers serve community members who are uninsured or enrolled in Maryland Medicaid/Maryland Children's Health Program.
Target Population: Ages 18 and up
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
Seniors Emergency Center
The Holy Cross Hospital Seniors Emergency Center is a separate, enclosed area of the main Emergency Center that provides safe, efficient emergency services designed to meet the specific needs of non-acute elderly patients and those who care for them.The Holy Cross Hospital Seniors Emergency Center has a separate entrance just off the main waiting room and, in addition to the six curtained bays, includes a nursing station designed for increased visibility, two private patient rooms and a room for private family consultations. The environment was scientifically designed to reduce anxiety, confusion and risk of falling. Some of the upgrades include special senior-friendly lighting, soft colors, noise abatement features, hand rails and special flooring that reflects light in a way that makes missteps less likely. The Seniors Emergency Center features thicker mattresses to help reduce pressure, a blanket warmer, telephones with larger buttons and special pillow speakers to make listening to music or watching television more comfortable. In addition to physicians, the senior care team consists of staff dedicated to the Seniors Emergency Center including a geriatric nurse practitioner, registered nurses trained in geriatrics and a geriatric social worker. All provide high quality, competent and compassionate care in an environment that mitigates anxiety for the senior and his or her loved ones.
Target Population: Ages 65 and up
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
Holy Cross Hospital Senior Source
The Holy Cross Hospital Senior Source, located in downtown Silver Spring, offers an array of health and wellness educational classes, health screenings, and intellectually stimulating programs for active senior adults 55 year of age and older. Both traditional and non-traditional classes to meet the full spectrum of physical, emotional and mental needs of seniors.Our programs are designed to provide active seniors with enjoyable learning experiences. There are a variety of offerings ranging from exercise classes to physician lectures, seminars and health screenings—all designed to educate, inform and enhance the quality of life for active seniors.Regularly offered courses, workshops, health screenings and seminars include:* Fitness and bodywork classes that build strength, increase endurance and improve flexibility * Specialized exercise classes for those with specific medical conditions including arthritis and Parkinson’s disease * Support groups and health intervention workshops to help you cope with current health challenges and prevent the onset of chronic illness * Free health information and screenings including blood pressure and flu shots * Physician lectures by noted specialists * Seminars on financial planning, defensive driving, health, the arts and other relevant topics.
Target Population: Ages 65 and up
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
Holy Cross Hospital Medical Adult Day Center
Since 1982, the center has provided social, recreational and rehabilitative services for medically disabled adults. Our goal is to offer an environment that encourages growth and development by stimulating and challenging local seniors of all ages.By allowing seniors to maintain the independence of living at home, yet getting away during the day to a structured, senior-focused activity center, the Medical Adult Day Center is a cost-effective alternative to relocating seniors to residential care. We foster a tight-knit community atmosphere by celebrating and acknowledging each senior’s unique skills and contributions to our group. The Medical Adult Day Center frequently serves seniors recovering from or coping with conditions like stroke, depression, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and diabetes.
Target Population: Contact the center for details
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
Diabetes Prevention and Education
The purpose of this program is to help people who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes make lifestyle changes. Research has shown that losing weight and exercising most days of the week may prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, a serious medical condition that develops more frequently in this population.This is a 12-week course that includes nutritional guidance for weight loss, exercise classes and provides long-term support to maintain positive lifestyle changes.
Target Population: Any individual at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Intake/Eligibility: Call or visit our website
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