Mobile Medical Care

Mobile Medical Care

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Suburban Outpatient Testing Center 6420 Rockledge Drive Suite 1200, Bethesda, MD

Other Information

Business Hours
(301) 493-2400
Offers Wraparound Service
Information not available
Do Programs Charge a Fee?
Yes, and financial assistance is available.
Pricing If Applicable
$25.00 fee covers all services provided during the visit including labs and most medications.
Area Served
Montgomery County
Number Served
Information not available
Additional Locations


MobileMed/NIH Endocrine Clinic at Suburban Outpatient Testing Center
The new MobileMed/NIH Endocrine Clinic at Suburban Hospital is now providing lifestyle and chronic disease management for people with diabetes and other endocrine conditions who would not otherwise have access to specialty care. Clinic participants will be counseled and given a treatment plan by the staff that includes NIH endocrinologists, nurses, and a dietitian. “It is part of the hospital’s mission to educate and help members of our community prevent catastrophic illness,” says Dr. Rana Malek, an endocrinologist at NIH. “We are helping people take control of their health so they can continue to work, take care of their families, and enjoy life.”
Target Population: Adults 18 and older
Intake/Eligibility: Must be referred to this clinic by a MobilMed provider.
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